Credit & Debit Management

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At Times Accountancy Services we provide a full service debt management system

Automated Cheque Runs

If we prepare your monthly management accounts and do your bookkeeping this really does make sense.

One outstanding feature of our software, Sage Line 50 is the opportunity to generate cheques and remittance advices automatically. We can arrange with printers to have your Company logo and bank details printed on to cheques in a visibly impressive style. Impress your suppliers with the professionalism of your payment runs. No more hand written cheques with typo errors, confusion over what invoices are being paid or handwriting envelopes or doing labels. Our part cheque / remittance advice clearly has the suppliers address printed, designed to be inserted in to a window envelope; the remittance advice has the invoice number, date, description and amount listed by row so the supplier knows exactly what you are paying. The cheque has the correct payee name, date and amounts in both words and numbers generated automatically. No more illegible handwriting or arithmetic errors.

It really couldn’t be simpler and this option is very inexpensive if we do your bookkeeping!

Credit Control

Many businesses have a good product or service to sell but are not good at collecting the debts due to them.

The staff often assigned to this task are not experts and often don’t have the time spare to do it properly. Consequently debts remain uncollected. The bank balance suffers; the exposure to bad or doubtful debts increases. The funds just aren’t where they should be….which is in your bank account!

Let us chase your debtors in a friendly and professional manner. We will phone your customers on your behalf and monitor the sales invoice as it progresses through the payment cycle. We will log details of the conversations and draw to your attention any potential problems as they arise.

We are conscious that a Company’s customers are often recurring customers and that goodwill is important. Our friendly, professional staff, like to generate a good working relationship with the Accounts Payable staff of your customers, so payment can be expected in a timely manner.

We can even generate your sales invoices for you if you wish and advise on the terms and conditions of sale.

We can feed our detailed knowledge of debtors and creditors in to meaningful cashflows, budgets and forecasts, greatly increasing the value of management information.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and take this potentially difficult responsibility off your hands. It doesn’t need to be expensive!

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