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Many Companies cannot justify the cost of employing a competent payroller. The amount of legislation can be daunting for those not trained in this specialist field. The amount of paper work generated can be excessive and the numerous tax forms required at the tax year end together with all the deadlines which have to be met to avoid penalties can be confusing and add unwanted pressure.

Payroll is also an area which some firms of Accountants don’t always do particularly well. The payroll clerk might not speak to the accountant and vice versa. Wages journals might not be posted at the right time. Wages accounts might go unreconciled. Put simply, it just might not be easy to organise well. Or, you might already be using another payroll bureau that is separate from your bookkeeper who is different to your accountant!

At Times Accountancy Services we operate an integrated approach. No more confusion over who is meant to do what. We do it all and get it right first time.

It doesn’t matter if you run a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll. As long as you give us the correct data e.g. number of hours per week or gross salary per annum etc we will do the rest.

The reports that we produce for each payment frequency, include the following:

  • Payslip
  • Payroll Summary
  • Payroll Journal
  • The amount to pay HMR&C each month for PAYE & NIC
  • P45 for leavers

We will calculate the PAYE & NIC to comply with government legislation and also entitlement to SSP, SMP & SPP.

If we are your appointed bookkeepers we will also reconcile the Control accounts for net wages and PAYE & NIC.

At the end of the tax year we will run all the reports required by legislation, including:

  • P14’s & P60
  • P35 Annual return
  • We will file your returns online with HMR&C, so you can take advantage of tax refunds being given by HMR&C.
  • We will reconcile the payments made during the year to the end of year P35 annual return if we also do your bookkeeping.

We will ensure all statutory deadlines for submission are met comfortably, without fuss.

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