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VAT services

The prospect of a VAT inspection can be very worrying for businesses, if the basics have not been done correctly.

HMR&C Inspectors are tasked with visiting each VAT registered business every five years. So, the prospect of a VAT inspection is not so much IF, but WHEN?

At Times Accountancy Services such visits are routine and we make sure the basics are right if we do your bookkeeping. Each month or quarter we will process all your data:

  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Petty Cash payments
  • Credit Card payments
  • Bank and online payments

We will enter the correct VAT code to our software Sage Line 50 and at the end of the month or quarter, as appropriate, generate a VAT return automatically. All you have to do is check it, sign it and then send it off. It’s that simple!

No more confusion over whether you can claim the VAT back or not. No more question marks over how to deal with imports or exports or Intrastat returns. Leave it us and we’ll take care of it professionally.

If you are a business start up, we will handle the registration process on your behalf. We will advise on whether or not you should be in the Cash Accounting scheme, or not, which is often beneficial to smaller businesses.

Provided we do your bookkeeping for you, the whole process is straight forward and we will include this service in our quote to you for bookkeeping.

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